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Better at Work for companies

Workspace Analysis

During the analysis we'll look at your ergonomics and observe your daily routine. After which we'll discuss the results with you. We'll suggest tips and improvements and let you experience what it's like to work as efficiently as possible.

Possible changes

  • Workspace management: the position of your chair, the heighth of your desk or the position of the items you frequently use in your working day.
  • Ergonomics: we will advise you on the importance of a relaxed sitting position, how you can prevent muscle ache and how you can prevent symptoms from occuring.
  • The way you work: how do you utilize your mouse or keyboard? We can show you the best options and teach you short exercises to prevent muscle ache.
  • We'll also look at the way you structure your day and advise you on effective strategies such as prevention of repetition and taking frequent breaks to prevent symptoms.

This analysis also provides the employer with an insight into the employee's working day and the challenges he or she faces. We'll also provide a detailed report where both the analysis and improvements are explained.

Incompany training

We also provide group training sessions for organisations. We'll teach your organisation about the importance of an efficient yet relaxed workspace. We'll also discuss the importance of a varied workday.

Your organisation can profit from our advice on workspace management. It will prevent unnecessary symptoms caused by awkward sitting positions and or inefficient workspace management.

These sessions are held in the workplace, making them both relevant and practical. This manner also improves the motivation of the employee. An example of a group training sessions are the pharmacies in the Ede region. These sessions were very highly rated by the participants

We travel free of charge to the following places: Ede, Bennekom, Wageningen, Renkum, Veenendaal, Ederveen, Lunteren, Wekerom, Harskamp and Otterlo.

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Our Goal

Beteropjewerk.nl gives you affordable workspace management consultations. Low of costs and effective. We try to help you to manage your workspace. Not only for companies but also for your own desk at home.





BeteropjeWerk is een initiatief van Karin Vaessen, bedrijfsoefentherapeut. Zij biedt werkplekonderzoeken, werkplekadviezen, trainingen en workshops aan gericht op het optimaliseren van je werkplek en werkhouding. Daarbij wordt niet alleen gekeken naar hoe je werkplek is ingesteld. Ook wordt de werkwijze, je werkhouding en hoe je gebruik maakt van je werkomgeving onderzocht. De adviezen zijn praktisch en kosteneffectief.

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